• Kick starting the new year contemplating the state of the education system with Dave Cormier.
  •  Collaboration, you're doing it wrong!

     2014 iJADE conference paper - Caelli Jo Brooker & Yvette Sullivan
     Collaboration, Practice, Rhizome, Pedagogy, Creativity, Education
  • This zine follows on from a series of miniature image-only artists' book/design publications containing new readings of fairy tales. The zines were created in editions of 100 each for Happily Ever After: alternative destinies in contemporary feminine narrative, a travelling artists' book exhibition curated by myself and Helen Hopcroft and including the work of Peazine instigator, Yvette Sullivan.
    This new addition is destined for inclusion in Peazine Volume 03.

    the Happily Ever After Exhibition blog
    The Line Collective
    Helen Hopcroft
    Yvette Sullivan
    Caelli Jo Brooker

    Caelli Jo Brooker, little green pea princess zine, (interior, working file), 2013

    Caelli Jo Brooker, Little Red Riding Hood, 2011, digital print and linocut zine, edition of 100, 7.5 x 7.5cm

  • the sketchbook collages coming together at the gathering!

  • These dimensional drawing experiments are in preparation for the collaborative aspect of the MAAT exhibition.

  • Collaborative sketchbook updates from Jen... and some student pencil shavings...

    What do you do when a student asks where he should put his pencil shavings...??

    Some more commissioned portraits done this month!

  • Artist Teacher mini workshop June 2012

  • New work...(or fragments of old) @ shopfront gallery, Newcastle, Australia.


  • some more contributions to Peazine

  • pages marked in the collaborative sketchbooks for scanning!

  • The images from the collaborative sketchbooks are piling up...

  • The Peazine.co.uk cover

  • Introducing the Peazine project